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NAPCO Plant Hosts U.S. Congressman in Janesville, WI



Have you ever wondered what U.S. congressional representatives do while they're on summer recess? For many members of Congress, they seek to engage with their constituents across their districts, to hear and learn from them. Such was the case on Friday, August 2, 2019, when U.S. Representative Bryan Steil, Wisconsin-District 1, visited the NAPCO Pipe & Fittings plant in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Congressmen Visit

After his visit, Rep. Steil posted the following message and four photographs on Twitter, “Stopped by NAPCO Pipe & Fittings in Janesville this morning!"

More than just gaining publicity, Plant Manager Jeff Vosters was pleased to host Rep. Steil and brief him about the work at the plant, which employs 70 workers, and is the largest U.S. NAPCO pipe manufacturing facility in terms of annual production output. “Our plant has the capacity to produce 130 million pounds of pipe annually," said Jeff, who provided the congressman with a tour of the largest manufacturing floor at the facility, which includes a 24" water-main pipe line.


The Janesville plant receives PVC resin, primarily from the Westlake Chemical plant in Calvert City, Kentucky, by rail car. The resin is offloaded and transferred to silos that feed the plant's compounding unit where it is mixed with additives. Compound is then fed into the pipe production lines, where it is heated and extruded through dies into the specified pipe sizes.

On his tour, Jeff showed Congressman Steil the 24" water main line from start to finish. After the pipe is cut, it is dropped into a large tank where it is submerged in water and pressure-tested to three-times its rated capacity. Production Supervisor Steve Hale also helped explain the manufacturing process to the congressman at stops along the line.  Quality Assurance Supervisor Brandon Pinnon explained how pipe is stress- and pressure-tested as part of the manufacturing process, and then how it is visually inspected once it is stacked and unitized before being placed in inventory.


Like most of the NAPCO facilities, the Janesville plant is highly efficient. About 99% of all scrap PVC is reground and used to make additional PVC pipe. In addition, the Janesville plant receives PVC scrap from other NAPCO plants to regrind and make products including the Form-A-Drain® foundation system, which is made from 100% regrind.

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